Why Sell Via MyFuel.ng?


Increased Sales

Profit maximization via increased turnover is one of the major objectives of businesses. Your presence on myfuel.ng will definitely help you achieve this objective, by giving you unrestricted access to your desired cluster of the potential buyers of your products.


Cashless Policy

With the CBN’s recent introduction of charges in respect of huge cash deposits made in our commercial banks, not a few organisations stand the risk of incurring more operating expenses, most especially organisations whose target is the mass market.
The cashless nature of all transactions on MyFuel.ng will help reduce this risk to the barest minimum.



MyFuel.ng makes your station(s) more visible to your target market, most especially those within your locality. Buyers will at the tap of buttons on their computers or mobile phones find the closest sales outlet to them, saving themselves time and stress in the process.


Cost Savings

Each time a customer uses your POS to pay for their purchases, the issuing bank charges you a percentage of the transaction value. This implies that, you bear the cost for your customer’s usage of your POS terminal. The cost you most likely incur when your customers buy via POS is illustrated in the table below:


With MyFuel.ng, this cost is completely eliminated. Yes, you pay NOTHING, and by so doing make cost savings.


Price Monitoring

Through our price monitoring mechanism, activities of your competitors with respect to pricing can be easily monitored. We will instantly notify you of price changes effected by competition so as to enhance the speed of your decision making process.

How Much Will Our Services Cost You?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

We Have Made It So Convenient For You.

You will get a vendor’s account on the MyFuel.ng platform and as each customer uses our proprietary system to buy fuel from your station/outlet(s), you can view everything real time.
We invite you to experience our services.

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Why Buy Via MyFuel.ng?



Nigerians are increasingly embracing the usage of on-line platforms in their routine purchases. From groceries and household items to electronics and clothing, this trend is beginning to take an interesting dimension because on-line transactions are safe (cashless transactions), fast and convenient to execute for both buyers and sellers. Your transaction on MyFuel.ng is cashless and seamless as you make your purchases from your choice outlets at the click of buttons.
MyFuel.ng is another innovation that combines the safety, speed and convenience associated with doing on-line transactions, with other advantages as stated below.


Fraud Prevention

One of the ugliest issues encountered by people who have domestic staff (drivers, servants, etc) and corporate organisations that have fleets of vehicles is fraud.
An appreciable amount of money and/or value is lost as a result of this cadre of staff inflating prices or deliberately buying volumes lower than the requirement.
With a convenient process that eliminates the risk of cash handling, our proprietary token system will ensure that amounts paid are commensurate with the volume of product supplied (value for money spent), while minimizing the risk of theft in transit.


Track and Control your Fuel Budget

Be it individuals or corporate organisations, expenses incurred on fueling of cars, diesel to power generators and cooking gas takes a good chunk of family and/or organizational budgets and spending. However, many hardly know or track how much they spend on fuel over a period of time i.e. weekly, monthly or annually.
With MyFuel.ng, tracking and controlling of your expenses in this regard is made easy. At the click of buttons on your MyFuel.ng profile, you can easily track your expenses in this regard, hence decision making with respect to the control of family and/or organizational fuel expenses becomes seamless.



With accurate and up to date information on pricing and availability of desired products at your fingertips, purchasing decision is made easy and transacting time is minimized.


Best Bargains

Be it a corporate organization or an individual, costs minimization is a means to business success.With all the prices staring you in the face while on MyFuel.ng, you definitely get the best bargains, while still assured of value for money spent.



Our regular articles with respect to the dos, don’ts and how’s of oil and gas usage will surely be of immense benefit to you.


Buy Now Pay Later (coming soon)

Your presence on MyFuel.ng and the regularity of your purchases will grant you access to our window of trade credit facilities, powered by MyFuel.ng and accessible at any retail outlet of your choice.This implies that you can buy products as soon as the need arises, even when you are short of cash. We invite you to experience our services.

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Myfuel.ng is an e-commerce platform dedicated to the simplification of processes at the retail end of the Nigerian oil and gas sector. This includes the provision of accurate and up to date information on the availability and prices of products across the country. Most importantly, subscribers on this platform can buy or sell petroleum products ranging from Premium Motor Spirit and Diesel to Kerosene and Cooking Gas, just at the click of buttons on their computer system or mobile phones.